Ellipsis Asia is a branding & marketing agency which delivers advantageous solutions to
eclipse your competition. With over two decades of experience and a seasoned team of
creative professionals, we help you eclipse your competition. Whereby it be Branding,
Communications to your specific Marketing requirements—we’ve got you covered. Let us
help you with the right solutions today.

Ellipsis’ 4 Quadrant Strategy approach is tailor-made for specific needs in engaging your customers
holistically; specifically designed to attract & convert.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a broad category that incorporates many forms of tried-and-trued advertising and marketing; from print, broadcast, direct mail and via telephony services.

Public Relations & Media Strategies

Through-The-Line (TTL)

A combination of ATL and BTL marketing campaign approaches.

Above-The-Line (ATL)

Paid for advertising: Where mass media is used to promote brands and reach-out to the target consumers. Communication that is targeted for a wide spread of audiences, and not specific to individual consumers; reaching out to the mass as consumer audience.

Below-The-Line (BTL)

Unpaid for advertising: Having a more one-to-one approach, this involves the likes of flyers, pamphlets, brochures, banners and placards etc.

Out-Of-Home Media (OOH)

Media that is typically seen out of the home; Billboards, posters, hoarding etc.

Inbound Marketing

With the rising popularity of the internet, and the vast accessibility to its content, advertisers are slowly but surely understanding that it’s the next logical step forward in engaging future customers.

Inbound marketing is the art of engaging customers in the online context, driving growth through online communication vehicles such as: websites, social media, blogs and forums.


Face-to-face interaction is a powerful and valuable way to forge important relationships. These could include events such as exhibitions, tradeshows, conferences, fundraisers amongst others. Any events which allows you to meet your customers and prospects in the flesh, provides greater opportunities for conversion.


We review your marketing and/or communication goals with you, evaluate your overall strategy, current content, target audience, conduct a competitor analysis and analyze mediums most suitable for use; creating a Marketing Plan from Ellipsis’ 4 Quadrant Strategy for effectively reaching your target audiences best.


With the information at hand, we translate what we have learned into unified content with a design that addresses both consumer needs and wants for the chosen mediums of approach, holistically. We finish off with an assessment to make sure that all deliverables in the chosen mediums meet the brief and budget accordingly.